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Time flies by and, though I can't stop the change it brings, I can preserve the moments that matter.
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In ten, they’ll be kicking the winning goal at a soccer game. In fifteen, they’ll be busting a move at a high school dance. In twenty, they’ll be striding confidently into a college organic chemistry class. And in twenty five, they’ll be walking down the aisle to say “I do.” 

Time flies by and, though I wish I could with all my heart, I can’t stop the change it brings. But I can preserve the moments that matter. I can capture the tiny details before they vanish, and I can give you the gift of a home filled with the smiling faces you most adore.

So, in thirty years, when you are kissing a new generation of baby toes, you’ll know that the stitch entrusted to you in your family’s uniquely beautiful tapestry will never be forgotten. You’ll know that the story will live on. 

In 5 years...

Those tiny baby toes you love to kiss will transform into wild, adventurous feet that climb trees and chase butterflies.

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Mother. Photographer. Baby Whisperer.

HI, THERE! I’M MINDY Your houston newborn photographer. 

As a mom myself, I know the feeling too well of wishing time would just slow down. It seems like there’s always work to do, chores to finish, and tasks to complete, and in the blink of an eye my baby is another year older! I know making time for a photo session can feel impossible, not to mention the task of convincing your kiddos to smile for the camera, but I can’t wait to show you how rewarding, and yes, even fun, a family photo session with me can be!

Inspired by bare feet pattering through the dirt, fields of wildflowers blowing in the breeze, the summertime glow of hazy light filtering through the trees, and wild, unrestrained emotion, I deliver galleries flooded with images you’ll adore. And whether you’re cuddled up in my studio or playing under the wide turquoise sky, I’ll create a relaxing atmosphere that inspires genuine connection.

My journey to photography was sparked by a desire to preserve the sweetest moments in my son’s life, and I can’t wait to deliver the same joy to you!

Documentor of motherhood, baby rolls, light, & love
preserving the moments that matter and the details you cherish

preserving the MOMENTS that matter through modern timeless portraits

I set up a first birthday cake smash photo session for my children and the photos are some of the best we've ever had taken. Mindy has a way of working with babies to capture all their sweet, precious details. She is so kind, warm and genuinely understands when babies need a minute to warm up to people. Nothing felt rushed or hurried along. We had so much fun with the cake smashes, even when things got messy! The photos she took are ones we will cherish forever! I highly recommend!

“Mindy has a way of working with babies to capture all their sweet, precious details.”

The photos she took are ones we will cherish forever!

- Megan Decker

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With lots of natural window lighting, my beautiful studio is outfitted with all the props and wardrobe pieces you might need for our session together.


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Whether you are a mom-to-be or the ringleader of three, I can’t wait to plan your next photography session. With a studio wardrobe, you’ll never have to worry about what to wear, and with my North Houston portrait studio and a curated list of breathtaking outdoor locations, you’ll never have to worry about where we should go. For once, momma can just enjoy the ride.


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